About Us

Mission Statement: To provide quality entertainment, enjoy delicious food  and have a great experience exploring a fun city!

TOURific Escapes was founded by Trish Procetto and Matt Rubenstein, two Los Angeles natives with a passion for travel, food and fun.  In fact, this newly married couple exchanged their wedding vows on a glacier in Alaska!  Trish and Matt have traveled the world, individually and together, and have been fortunate enough to take in many great sights and experiences.  But they agree, there is nowhere else they’d rather live than the great city of LA!   With so many different neighborhoods, there is never a shortage of new places to explore.  And the excitement and glamour of Hollywood was a natural place to start!

Trish is an ITMI certified Tour Director who has enjoyed careers in a variety of industries, including being a crew member with several major cruise lines.  Her broad range of travel experiences, love of people of all ages, and passion for food combine to give her a unique perspective on Los Angeles.  At one point, her interest in food led her to live by the motto “I’ll eat at a restaurant only once.”  And in LA, that’s a great way to taste new flavors.  She welcomes you to join her adventures in this great city and looks forward to meeting you.  She is definitely an extraordinary tour guide!


Matt is a commercial pilot, so you should feel safe with him behind the wheel of the van.   He has worked in the aviation industry for many years, allowing him to see the world both as a pilot and tourist.  From the bazaars in Istanbul to the temples of Japan, Matt has a varied set of experiences to draw from and you’ll get to know his offbeat sense of humor during your adventure.

Los Angeles is such a big city, it’s hard to decide how and where to start exploring.  Let us give you our insider’s guide to this great city and make it a little easier for you.  We invite you to experience Los Angeles as OUR guest.

Our best,

Trish and Matt



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