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Archive: Aug 2010

Fifty and Fabulous!

What’s 50 years old, receives 10 million enthusiastic visitors a year, stretches over 18 city blocks and has become an international icon?  The Hollywood Walk of Fame, of course.

The brainchild of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president in 1953, the Walk of Fame was created as a tribute to artists working in the entertainment industry. And on any given day, frequent sights in Hollywood include tourists (from all over the world) taking pictures over the star of their favorite celebrity or throngs of fans gathering to witness one of the exciting star ceremonies made famous by the late Johnny Grant.

Finding Spain in Santa Monica

Executive Chef David slicing jamon

Ever since my visit to Barcelona, Spain in the summer of 2000, courtesy of the Grand Princess, I have had a love affair with tapas…probably because they are small, delicious and varied in flavor and design.  Tapas means “to cover” in Spanish, and tapas-type food was created out of necessity…originally Spaniards placed a piece of bread over their glass of sherry to keep fruit flies out. Later, bartenders then began topping the bread with meats, olives and other wine-friendly snacks (is there a snack that is NOT wine friendly, I ask?)