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Archive: Sep 2010

LA County Fair on a stick

Growing up in the Central Valley and being a member of the local 4-H club and FFA (Future Farmer’s of America), the highlight of this country girl’s summer was spending a week at the Merced County Fair.  Hanging out at the pig barns and talking endlessly about the Grand Champion animals and the cowboys and catching up on all the high school gossip made up my fair experience.  My mom always insisted that my sister and I join her on the last day of the fair to have lunch together, and my favorite item was always an eggroll on a stick!

Fast forward about 30 years and I’m living in Los Angeles…and every September I hear advertisements for the LA County Fair, and every year I ask myself if I really want to drive out to Pomona in the heat for this.  I mean come on, it’s LA.  There are no pigs and cowboys in Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach or Playa Del Rey…the areas I spend a lot of my time.  I have been to Pomona, Ontario, Chino, etc. and still no pigs and cowboys.  But this year after nine years residency, I decided to go.  I told my husband Matt that I was going with or without him, but that it would be more fun if he joined me.  After purchasing discount tickets at Ralph’s grocery store for $10 each we were off and running.