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Archive: May 2012

A Big Man Bakes great cupcakes!

So thanks to another of my fabulous Hollywood tour guests, I found a new cupcake shop in Los Angeles. Big Man Bakes is located downtown, on Main Street, across from Pete’s Café & Bar. I was super excited that they were open on Memorial Day Monday because Matt was buying a car only 2 miles…

Los Angeles Police Museum

I spent some time this week doing research around town and wound up at the Los Angeles Police Museum. On my recent Esotouric Blood & Dumplings adventure, they reminded everyone about it, and I wanted to go while the James Ellroy-sponsored exhibit was still there. If you follow the Black Dahlia , one of LA’s…

Ocean views in Manhattan Beach

Summer is on its way and the beaches in Southern California have never looked so inviting. One of the most beautiful beaches around here is just a few miles south of LAX, known as Manhattan Beach. It is a known fact that the fine, white sand that you love on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii was…

Are you a Sinner or A Saint?

True story: one day recently a Mini Cooper stopped by as we were prepping the van for a tour, and the driver asked if we were the company who leads the Chocolate tours!? That’s how Elisa, the owner of Sinners and Saints Dessert shop, and I became friends. Clever name, don’t you think?