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38 Essential LA Restaurant’s

I get my restaurant updates and insider foodie info from a great source called Eater LA. Not everyone agrees with all their findings and suggestions, but I do appreciate their reporting of the openings, closings, events, listings and more in one concise little package. Upscale to hole in the wall, celebrity chef to independent small owners, they report on them all.

Just out is The 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurant report. I have personally enjoyed 14 of those listed. Some I’ve never heard of and others I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, such as Spago. The restaurant list can and does change regularly so if you don’t find your fav place here now, it might be listed next month. How many of these have you experienced? And by the way, does anybody know how they chose the random number 38? Maybe I should start my own list…

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