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7 Days in LA

Being a Tour Guide means lots of research. But who’s complaining? Honestly even before I became a tour guide, I was one of those people who enjoyed going on guided tours. When I worked for Princess Cruises, I volunteered to work with the Shore Excursion department to lead passengers on land-based tours around the world. I’ve been on food tours, architecture tours, cemetery tours, bicycle tours, float plane tours and more.

Here in Los Angeles, there is a plethora of tours to choose from. Where to begin? Well, 7 Days in LA was created to help you figure that out. 7 Days in LA is not a tour itself, but rather a consortium of quality, independent tour operators. TOURific Escapes is a proud member of this group. I personally have been on several of the tours featured on their website. If you want something unique and extraordinary, check out the esotouric adventures offered through 7 Days in LA. From Dearly Departed to Felix in Hollywood, there is something for everyone! Take My Mother, Please! (just kidding mom!)

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