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A Big Man Bakes great cupcakes!

So thanks to another of my fabulous Hollywood tour guests, I found a new cupcake shop in Los Angeles. Big Man Bakes is located downtown, on Main Street, across from Pete’s Café & Bar. I was super excited that they were open on Memorial Day Monday because Matt was buying a car only 2 miles away. So when I lost patience during the 4-hour transaction, I left to buy a cupcake. And boy did I feel better!!

The menu was small, but the flavors packed an amazing punch! I chose two big (named XL) cupcakes and six mini ones. I enjoyed all the flavors, but especially the Strawberry and the Old Fashioned. The Old Fashioned was a yellow cake with chocolate frosting that had a hint of almond flavoring. Oh wow. As I was walking out I noticed the Almond Joy and Mounds, with big domed tops, sprinkled with coconut. But I resisted. This way I can go back for another visit!

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