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Australian Coffee, Bacon Ice Cream and a Lasagne Cupcake

This evening I headed to Hollywood to enjoy the view and the festivities up at Yamashiro. Yes the restaurant was open for dinner, but it was the food in the parking lot that had my attention. LA City Farm sponsors several farmer’s markets around town, with the Yamashiro Farmer’s Market being one of them. Several popular food trucks and vendors were there including Long Shot Coffee, Coolhaus, and Heirloom LA.

My Australian friends will be pleased that I finally tried their homeland coffee. I had my first flat white, topped with a foam heart! The ice cream was actually called “brown butter candied bacon ice cream” and I SHARED a scoop with my friend Krissy. We also shared the sausage lasagna cupcake. No farmer’s market is complete without fresh fruit & veggies and we took home some cherries and white nectarines to make ourselves feel healthier. The view is gorgeous, but the food is even better!

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