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Back on the Beach Café in Santa Monica

It has been at least ten years since I last dined at Back on the Beach Cafe in Santa Monica, with my toes in the warm sand.  Today I was asked to choose a dining spot in Santa Monica so that my out-of-town friends could also visit John Kelly Chocolates retail location on Montana Avenue.  I decided that Back on the Beach off Pacific Coast Highway was just the place.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has expanded since the last time I had lunch there.  Pretty striped umbrellas were perched above pale yellow picnic tables with bright orange chairs.  And while I didn’t count, there had to be well over 20 tables available for “in-sand” dining and there were tables inside as well.  Though why you would dine inside is beyond me.  No matter your age, it’s fun to dine in the sand.  Just ask 9-year-old Aiden who enjoyed Chicken Fingers and Fries with us today.
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We were chatting and catching up a mile a minute and exclaiming how awesome it is to dine in the sand so much that I forgot to photograph our entrees.  But I will say that we all cleaned our plates.  Maybe it was the salt air, or maybe the food was just that good.  In addition to the expanded space, I am pretty certain the menu has seen an upgrade as well.  At Back on the Beach Cafe breakfast is available all day and so I indulged in the Brisket Hash with potatoes and sunny side up eggs.  It came with a mini cranberry scone that was so good.  Sarah had a quinoa burger and her mom had a regular hamburger.  Both enjoyed sweet potato fries.  Aiden left behind his lunch to play in the water, which you do when you’re nine years old.  When we left, we took a quick peek at the Annenberg Community Beach House and Pool, which shares a parking lot with Back On The Beach Cafe.  This property is part of the historic Marion Davies estate, and I plan to make a return visit (reservations needed) to lounge by the community pool.  And of course have lunch again at Back on the Beach!
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Trish Procetto