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It’s Barbeque Week in Los Angeles

Thanks to my favorite daily food newsletter, Eater LA, this week has been declared Barbeque Week in Los Angeles!  This is great timing as I have been salivating over Instagram photos and friends’ stories of their visits to Barrel and Ashes in Studio City.  Although Barrel and Ashes opened doors in the later part of 2014, I only recently made my first pilgrimage over the hill to see what everyone is raving about.  And now I know!
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I had read Yelp reviews that advised diners not to miss the pork spareribs and hoe cake.  Hoe cake?  Yep we got it and we loved it!  A small round cake made with coarse corn meal baked in a handled cast-iron pan, topped with green onions and delivered sizzling hot thanks to the maple butter.  And you guessed it, historically baked on the blade of a hoe.  But let’s get to the BBQ part.  Matt and I shared a small portion of pulled pork and a half-rack of the recommended spareribs.  Can you say happy campers?!  I am pretty easy to please with Matt being the tougher food critic.  And he loved everything we ordered.  The baked beans and the coleslaw were flavorful too.  Our dining companions (who are lucky they live close enough to walk to Barrel and Ashes) both ordered BBQ sandwiches, the chicken and the brisket.  Tater tots topped with chili and cheese rounded out their meals. There was no room for dessert in our full bellies, but if there had been we had great choices like banana pudding, blueberry crumble, ice cream floats and sundaes too.
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There are certainly many other good Barbeque choices in Los Angeles.  Two of our neighborhood favorites are Morfia’s Ribs & Pies (Marina del Rey) and Baby Blues BBQ (Venice).  You may have spotted a Baby Blues in West Hollywood.  Also in the Hollywood area is the second rendition of Bludso’s Bar and Que.  Oh let’s not forget newcomer Maple Block Meat Co. in Culver City.   So you can see there are many BBQ choices around town and Eater LA has even published a list of the essential spots.  Next on my list are Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks and Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ in Encino, which just sounds cool.  If I meet Dr. Hogly Wogly I’ll be sure and take a picture.  In the meantime, tell me, where is your best place to enjoy BBQ whether in Los Angeles or in your own hometown?
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By Trish Procetto
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