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Best Brunch in the US

Brunch, it’s that lovely weekend meal between breakfast and lunch that conjures up thoughts of big buffets with long lines for made to order omelettes and sliced roast beef. Oh and don’t forget the unlimited mimosas! While a few of those traditional brunches are still around (think Shanghai Reds in Marina del Rey) brunch has grown into a sophisticated lady. Recently Travel + Leisure posted America’s Best Brunches and I was happy to see two Los Angeles restaurants on that list, one in Manhattan Beach and the other in West Hollywood.

I didn’t even know MB Post was serving brunch, and the thought of having eggs benedict atop David LeFevre’s bacon cheddar biscuits makes me want to go there right now. The other place which was no surprise to see on the list is The Griddle Café on Sunset. Perhaps you’ve heard me rave about their red velvet pancakes? Get there early, the line to get in can be 30 deep on weekends. Where is your favorite brunch spot?

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