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Black Friday And The Case Of The Potato Peels

So do you notice that plumbing emergencies always happen on a holiday or a weekend? Well, here’s our story. Mashed potatoes are my favorite side-dish at the Thanksgiving meal. My lovely in-laws always put on a nice dinner for the family but for some reason mashed potatoes aren’t their thing. After two years of suffering in silence, a few weeks ago I announced that I hoped they didn’t mind but I was bringing mashed potatoes. My very sweet husband Matt who is the cook in our family (I am the baker) did some research on the Food Network and came up with not one but two versions of mashed potatoes.

Where did he put all those potato peels? In the garbage disposal of course. Well picture this: pots and pans everywhere, the counter tops filled with remnants from my baking earlier in the day and a sink full of water and potato skins. And we still had to get ready and out the door for the drive up to Encino. Matt got out the plunger but to no avail. Nothing. More mess. We left it all behind and took all those mashed potatoes with us. So we spent Black Friday waiting for the plumber…who showed up 3.5 hours after the initial call. Apparently there were several emergencies in our building. So, there was no shopping for us. No post-Thanksgiving hike. No daytrip to Palm Springs. But I wrote a blog, worked on our Pinterest account, went to the Laundromat, and cleaned the kitchen after the plumbers left. And you know what? It was worth every inconvenience to have those wonderful mashed potatoes at our Thanksgiving dinner!

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