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BLOG: Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Loteria Grill

Shopping at The Citadel Outlets

I first discovered Loteria Grill at The Farmer’s Market at Third & Fairfax about ten years ago.  I usually get their chilaquiles or a taco plate and always one of their fruity aguas frescas.  Recently Matt and I were out scouting for a new restaurant to add to our already fabulous tour line-up and we had lunch at the Loteria Grill on Hollywood Boulevard.  The interior is spacious and inviting, and I loved the oversize Loteria cards hung around the perimeter of the walls over the bar area.  I also couldn’t help but comment on the amazingly vast collection of tequila bottles.  Our server asked if I’d like a shot.  I declined.  Maybe on my next visit.

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One of the daily specials caught my eye, because of both the clever name and the ingredients.  I ordered the Three Little Pigs taco plate which consisted of juicy pork carnitas and crispy bacon with salsa, cilantro, onion and pork rind chips.  If you are a meat eater, you must try this plate!  The tacos were so flavorful and moist, the corn tortillas were filled with generous portions of the carnitas and the bacon.  To wash it all down, I had a nice glass of pineapple mango aguas frescas, which tasted like the fruit had just been picked and squeezed!  My meal at Loteria Grill made me so happy that I am declaring those Three Little Pigs tacos as my best bite of the week!

food, tour, hollywood

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