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Brunch at Circa 55 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

Circa 55 is the poolside restaurant at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.  You may know the name of this hotel because among the many celebrity events hosted there, the International Ballroom is home to January’s Golden Globes every year.  A darker connection is that Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on the eve of The Grammy Awards in February 2012.  Personally, when I think of the Beverly Hilton, my mind immediately goes back to the night in 2003 when I was invited to a party at Trader Vic’s lounge and almost singlehandedly drank a Scorpion Bowl on my own.  Well, that beloved Trader Vic’s space is long gone but a few pieces of décor remain and island-themed appetizers and cocktails can be found at the poolside lounge of the same name.

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You may know I’m always on the lookout for unique and special restaurants for celebrations and for my foodie research.  A good tour guide should always know where to send her guests during their time visiting her city.  And you may also know that my favorite meal to enjoy out is breakfast or weekend brunch.  So when I recently was made aware of the hotel’s poolside Sunday Brunch at Circa 55, I knew I had to try it.

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Our brunch reservation was at the earliest time slot, 11am, and since it was a beautiful November day we opted to sit outside, but regretted our decision since it was actually HOT.  The servers were kind enough to move the umbrella stands several times to give us some shade from the burning sun.  We ordered entrees off the menu and were invited to enjoy anything and everything from the buffet, which was set up in two adjacent indoor spaces.   The brunch price also includes unlimited coffee, tea and prosecco (make mine a mimosa please!).  The Birthday Girl and I both got Eggs Benedict but other menu items included a Lobster Roll, Belgian Waffle, Cuban Sandwich and Veggie Burger to name a few.

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I was pleased to see the wide variety of items at the breakfast buffet.  There was an omelet station, the usual breakfast items, smoked salmon, bagels, salads of all kinds, beautiful cut fruit and gorgeous vegetables (like beets and yellow tomatoes).  I especially loved the display of cured meats and cheeses, and the dessert table.  I would totally recommend Circa 55 for a special brunch served in an iconic hotel setting.  By the way, it’s named Circa 55 for the year The Beverly Hilton was founded.  Although no stars were sighted during our brunch, we felt an air of glamour all around us.  It helped that we viewed the black and white celebrity photos in the lobby on our way in.  By the way, valet parking is only $7 with validation from Circa 55, making a wonderful brunch experience even better!


By Trish Procetto