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Brunch at Cliff’s Edge

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I absolutely love brunch! Saturday or Sunday, I’ll take either day.  I just love the whole idea of a relaxing meal of breakfast foods with friends or family.  And a glass of bubbly doesn’t hurt either.  There is a charming restaurant in Silver Lake on Sunset Boulevard that receives lots of accolades for its brunch, outdoor dining and being a romantic dining spot.  Finally on one recent Sunday morning my brunch pals Reb and MEM decided to take a drive from West LA to the “other side”.  Our reservation was for 11am, their opening time.  I am not kidding when I say a crowd was gathering by the beautiful doors, waiting to pick a prime seat in what some have described as dining in a hidden treehouse.  This was a very warm September morning, but we opted for an outside table after seeing how truly lovely it was.  To heck with a little sweat, we wanted to enjoy Cliff’s Edge for its gorgeous outdoor ambiance.

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This was one of those brunches where I got to tick two items off my culinary list, as I had recently learned of a Middle Eastern breakfast dish called Shakshuka, and was itching to try it.  Wouldn’t you know it was sitting right there on the Cliff’s Edge brunch menu.  So in addition to my Blood Orange Mimosa, I had my very first bite of Shakshuka.  This beautiful fried egg sat atop a combination of tomatoes, bell pepper, garlic, black kale, a bit of harissa hot sauce and feta cheese.  This beautiful slice of toast caught every tasty bite.  My two pals enjoyed smoked salmon and poached eggs on potato pancakes, and of course waffles with fruit.  Although we loved our brunch, we were just as enthralled with our neighbor, a cute Pomeranian wearing a Burberry scarf.  Cliff’s Edge is loved by people and furry people alike, as we saw more than one canine diner on the outdoor patio.  It was a lovely time with good friends, trying a new dish at a great neighborhood gem!

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By Trish Procetto