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Celebrating Los Angeles Burger Week at In-N-Out Burger

One of my favorite places to get foodie information, Eater LA, has declared this week in April as Los Angeles Burger Week.  It also happens to be Grilled Cheese Month, but all the burger pictures and blogs have made me really crave a good burger.  I already have a few favorite burgers in town, with The Apple Pan across from the Westside Pavilion being near the top of the list.  My husband Matt really likes Hamburger Habit.  We’ve enjoyed Umami Burger when it was located inside Fred Segal in Santa Monica, and Hinano Burger in Venice Beach.  Also noteworthy are The Father’s Office burgers, and one found right here in Playa del Rey, the Tripel Burger (with its fabulous apricot jam) at The Tripel.  Thanks to my favorite blogger, Lynn of The Actors Diet, I’m wanting to try Pono Burger in Santa Monica…but then I heard Hollywood is getting one too, which may be easier to visit.  Then there’s Cassell’s Burgers that just opened inside the historic Hotel Normandie in Koreatown.  Would you believe in my 14 years of living in Southern California this girl has never tried a Hamburger Hamlet burger?  As I watched the chain fold up I thought my chances were over, and then it was announced that a single location has reopened on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.

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But when it comes right down to it, we are blessed here in Los Angeles to have In-N-Out Burger in many of our neighborhoods.  Still affordable and still a good solid burger, every single time.  With so many international and out of state visitors to our Hollywood tours, many of them tell me that In-N-Out Burger is on their must-try list.  As it should be.  And so even with all the suggestions of where to get the best burger in LA, Matt and I decided to visit an old favorite after picking him up from a flight.  This line of cars (in photo) we encountered was longer than usual…seriously, have all these people heard about Burger Week?  Actually there are long lines at all In-N-Out locations, but this one near LAX does seem to be one of the busiest.  Even the line at the counter was out the door!  We enjoyed chatting with the folks sitting around us, taking pictures and awaiting our dinner.  I got my usual order, the #3 with a  hamburger, French fries and a drink.  Matt ordered his fries well-done which actually took quite a bit longer but were crispy-good.  It was such an enjoyable way to celebrate the burger.  Thanks Eater LA for giving me a good reason to enjoy In-N-Out Burger with my main man.

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By Trish Procetto

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