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A Century of Smiles and a Legacy of Laughter

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It’s 100 years since Charlie Chaplin made his movie debut and he still remains an iconic, important and admired figure in Hollywood history.

The London-born legend first appeared in a supporting role as a swindler in Keystone Kops comedy Making a Living in 1914 but soon was making a very good living himself as a leading man and Chaplin rapidly became Tinseltown’s first superstar.

As well as being the highest paid actor, he was a great businessman too and even invented the action figure as dolls of his Little Tramp character proved hugely popular with filmgoers.

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Soon he had enough money to open Charlie Chaplin Studios where he made classics like The Kid, City Lights and The Great Dictator and remained in charge of the facility until leaving America permanently in 1952.

One of the highlights of my Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour, Chaplin Studios later became notable for many other famous productions.

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Television shows like Perry Mason, The Adventures of Superman and Soul Train were shot there and after it later became the home of A&M Records that’s where Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and a string of other music greats recorded We Are The World in 1985.

Since 2000, the facility has been the home of The Jim Henson Company and it featured as Muppet Studios in the hit 2011 film The Muppets. As a nod to the building’s past, a statue of Kermit the Frog can be seen on the roof dressed in Charlie Chaplin’s old tramp outfit.

So come along on my tour one Saturday and see fascinating sites like this and many more on an unforgettable drive through Hollywood history.

By SANDRO MONETTI,  Director and Guide of the Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour

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