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Chef Gordon Ramsay Cooking at The Grove

There are many fun places to dine within the big block that includes Third & Fairfax. Between The Farmer’s Market and The Grove, you can have just about any cuisine you want. The latest additions were Nancy Silverton’s Short Order (burgers) and Short Cake (desserts). And Eater LA just announced a summer replacement. The Farm, located adjacent to the Pacific Theater, is leaving the building to make room for The Fat Cow.

And who’s behind the old heifer? Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen fame! I was not a fan of The Farm, but I am a fan of Chef Ramsay even if he scares me just a little. I haven’t had a chance to try his menu at The London West Hollywood, so am really looking forward to sampling his more casual, gastropub offerings at his new place. Ingredients from local farms means daily market-inspired dishes. A meat roaster. Cheeses. AND an in-house pastry chef. Need I say more? See you this summer Chef!

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