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Chimpanzee at The El Capitan

Have you ever wanted to catch a movie in the historic El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Boulevard? Well, here’s a fun outing. For a limited run engagement Disneynature will be featuring Chimpanzee, narrated by Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor (Allen). Haven’t heard of Disneynature? It’s an independent film label of the Walt Disney Company, in business since 2008.

What’s the bonus experience that Disney includes with the ticket price? Wildlife experts will showcase exotic animals from around the world right on the El Capitan stage. And, if you see Chimpanzee opening week (April 20-27) Disneynature will make a donation in YOUR honor to the Jane Goodall Institute to protect chimpanzees now and in the future. Check out Oscar, the star of the show and you’ll be buying your tickets today!

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