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Chocolate fun at Fancifull on Melrose

This season our Chocolate Indulgence tour has a fun new stop on the route. Fancifull Gift Baskets & Fine Foods is owned by the charming Terry and Wally August, who have been at the helm of this Melrose Avenue shop for 25 years. Upon walking in the door last Friday, our guests were greeted by the smiling proprietors. We enjoyed a lesson (and tastings) on four different kinds of chocolates while surrounded by beautiful food and gift items and an ample supply of wine. Then Terry brought out the PB&J and Apple Pie chocolates, and I didn’t see anything else.

Fancifull sources all the best products for their gift baskets (some of which are made for TV shows) and offers top-notch customer service along with their own classes in wine, cheese and chocolate. I’m so happy that we have partnered with this family-owned company who, just like us, started as a Mom & Pop home-based business, hoping to make their special mark in our community. When you meet Terry & Wally, be sure and ask Wally about the Roto-Rooter Band and how he met Terry. It’s a great story to go along with your chocolate!

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