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Chocolate with Mr. and Madame

When we found out that our friend Hasty Torres aka Madame Chocolat and her hubby Jacques Torres aka Mr. Chocolate were going to be offering a demonstration session at the LA Food & Wine Festival last weekend, we were all over it. The Sunday afternoon session was titled the Magic and Seduction of Chocolate…really who could resist that? This charming duo (not to mention talented) kept us entertained for an hour and a half.

We watched as they made S’mores on a stick –and then we got to taste. Jacques told the captivated audience how he got the inspiration for making chocolate-covered corn flakes and cheerios. Hasty worked her magic with edible glitter on a chocolate Chanel bag. And she regaled the crowd with the story of the day Hef’s girlfriends paid her a visit for a molded chocolate session. The magic and seduction was in the air, and the crowd wanted more! The afternoon’s showcase was the chocolate & glittered figure of LMFAO, that was auctioned off to the crowd with proceeds going to St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels.

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