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Chocolates for Sweets

I believe chocolate is best eaten every day, but it seems as though it gets extra special attention on a certain February 14 holiday. In February of last year I listened to my (chocolate-filled) heart and created a Chocolate Indulgence tour. Matt calls it Death by Chocolate, and he tells our guests HIS favorite chocolate is any chocolate that makes ME happy. Isn’t he sweet?

Without giving away all the surprises, let me just say we transport you around the city to meet some of the best and nicest chocolatiers in Los Angeles. We’ll show you the most beautiful creationsin Beverly Hills as well as introduce you to some of the best truffle fudge you’ve ever tasted. Trust me, it’s not your usual holiday fudge. There’s also a special dessert item using bread and a Hershey bar that has its place on Chef Betty Fraser’s menu at Grub. We throw in a few extra tastes along the way, and from start to finish, your taste buds are indulged in plenty of sweet chocolatey goodness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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