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Comic-Con: The Best Event in the World

The Best Event in the World

As an entertainment reporter who covers all the big showbiz events, I’m often asked which is my favorite to report on and there’s a loud and clear answer to that. Not the Oscars, nor the Grammys not even the Cannes Film Festival.  For me, the best of them all is Comic-Con.  The annual San Diego gathering of stars, fans, press and anyone passionate about films, TV, comics and pop culture is a dizzying, delightful, insane and awesome spectacle.

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I just returned from the 2014 edition of this excitement and as you can see from the attached photos it was another great adventure of having fun and interviewing the famous.  One theme of this year’s event was the 75th anniversary of Batman.  The Caped Crusader was well represented with everyone from Adam West and Burt Ward, TV’s Batman and Robin from the 1960s, along with Ben Affleck, the newest actor in the cape, who appeared with Henry Cavill, his co-star in next year’s Batman v Superman.

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Talking of screen heroes, it was great to see Daniel Radcliffe again as he promoted his upcoming horror flick Horns. Hard to believe but the actor who played Harry Potter is now 25. I suddenly feel old! Real life heroes were there too, including Buzz Aldrin celebrating the 45th anniversary of his splashdown returning from the moon.  It’s not just actors and astronauts who appear at Comic-Con. Mike Tyson was there too, talking about his new Scooby Doo style animated series The Mike Tyson Mysteries -a bizarre idea but a brilliant one I think.

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Plus with lots of attractions and entertainment lined on when not speaking to the stars, this was the perfect working holiday. I already can’t wait for next year.  Join me on my Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour of LA any Saturday and I’ll tell you more about the stars I met at Comic-Con and elsewhere.

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By Sandro Monetti, Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour

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