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Cranberry Sweets on the Oregon Coast

I’ve been visiting the Oregon Coast regularly since 1997 when my parents moved to the coastal town of Bandon. At first the neighbors would ask if I also would be moving there. I always replied that if I did move there, I would want to work at Cranberry Sweets & More! Housed in a large corner building (across from my favorite fish & chips place) they offer FREE (and plentiful) samples in a bright and inviting showroom along with displays of other gift items. My mom and I always enjoy a stroll thru this candy shop at least once every time I visit.

This year Cranberry Sweets is celebrating 50 years in business! Their original creation from back in 1962 – cranberry jelly candies – are still best sellers, made by hand with all natural ingredients. Today however, their menu has grown to include chocolate, caramel, bacon and more. I have sampled almost everything in their shop, and my favorite still to this day is their dried cranberry in white chocolate. My mom likes the coconut cream, my dad loves the rocky road, my friend Carla became quite attached to their Vineyard Sweets wine-flavored candies and my friend Krissy likes their pie candies. These are pumpkin, lemon and apple fruit pates dipped in white chocolate and taste amazingly like the real thing.

Thanks Cranberry Sweets for keeping my sweet tooth satiated. All visitors to the Oregon Coast need to put this little gem on their itinerary. Oh and don’t forget to try the cheddar cheese fudge!

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