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Dining at Lawry’s during Dine LA Restaurant Week

Every year when dineLA Restaurant Week rolls around (it’s actually two weeks long) I get a little stressed out deciding where to go.  I use this time to dine at places that are way above my regular price range (Mr. Chow, Palm, CUT) or places that have been on my list for a while (Rivera, Dal Rae, Boa).  Then life intervenes and next thing you know I haven’t made a reservation anywhere.  In January I noticed Eater LA tried to help by  publishing lists called Where to Eat During dineLA Restaurant Week.  One of them highlighted restaurants that had the best value for your money.  Bingo!

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Matt and I chose Lawry’s because of their $45 prime rib and lobster prix fixe menu.  We dined on a Thursday evening and the place was packed with after-work business diners, birthday celebrations and tour groups.  We received 5-star service from start to finish.  The servers are not called by their first names (we had Ms. Thompson) and they wear crisp white aprons, sensible white shoes and a little white hat.  The dineLA menu included Lawry’s famous spinning salad, prime rib, lobster tail, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and your choice of 3 desserts.  We opted for English trifle and old-fashioned chocolate pudding.

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We were very happy with the menu, the ambiance AND the leftovers.  It was a significant amount of (really good) food for the price, and we were very pleased with our decision to try Lawry’s.  Thanks to the participating restaurants for continuing to offer these special prix fixe menus twice a year.  I’m already looking forward to the next dineLA Restaurant Week coming up in July!

food, tour, hollywood