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Dining at Malibu Country Mart – Near Los Angeles and the Beach

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Dining at Malibu Country Mart

I recently met a group of friends for lunch at Café Habana in the Malibu Country Mart. It had been almost two years since I last visited this quaint outdoor shopping center just off PCH between the Malibu Pier and Pepperdine University. And I carpooled with a friend from Chicago who had never been before, so it was like seeing all the shops and restaurants in the Malibu Country Mart with new eyes. The first place I pointed out was Greek restaurant Taverna Tony, which transforms diners to Athens with its ambiance and cuisine. As we walked by the outdoor playground I remembered lunch enjoyed at the outdoor picnic tables with delicious Italian sandwiches from the walk-up window of Tra Di Noi.

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As we got closer to Café Habana we noticed this sign: PAPARAZZI FREE ZONE. Which means only one thing…stars shop there! Instead of seeing movie stars, I noticed one of LA’s best cupcake shop, Crumbs. Crumbs just happened to be next door to the ChocolateBox Café whose colorful French macarons and chocolate delicacies practically waved me into the shop. But I quickly told Laura we were going to have Grom gelato for dessert! First on the agenda was lunch, which did not disappoint. Starting with their spicy corn (which they kindly sliced off the cob so we could share) I then devoured a delicious plate of Huevos Rancheros with my Café Au Lait for a Cuban breakfast. My three friends all enjoyed fish, tour

Then we headed to Grom Gelateria on the other side of the Malibu Country Mart. Grom originated in Florence, Italy and can also be found in New York City as well as this Malibu location. This is authentic gelato, right under our nose in Malibu! It’s a bit pricey but worth every penny. So…if you can’t make it to Italy or Cuba or Greece, head to the Malibu Country Mart restaurants for some wonderful international options.

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