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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Blueberry Bread Pudding

food, tour, hollywood

food, tour, hollywoodLast week Matt and I attended a special 4-course Wine Tasting and Dinner at Tapas & Vino in Redondo Beach.  The event was extra-special as our sister-in-law was pouring the wines from the company she represents, Quintessential Wines.  It was fun to see her in action and I am always open to enjoying good tapas.  We enjoyed a first course of Manchego cheese & Quince paste, and a second course of goat cheese-stuffed Piquillo peppers.  Both courses were paired with white wines.   Next up were the red wines that paired with course #3, Hangar steak bites with a flavorful Chimichurri sauce.  I thought the fourth course was going to be my favorite, which I can best describe as being similar to a meat and potato pie.

food, tour, hollywood

After the last course the room started to clear and a few of us stuck around to chat.  And then the charming restaurant owner, Andy, brought out the most scrumptious dessert:  blueberry bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.  Now I should have been full from the four wonderful courses and the wine, but this bread pudding was so delightful that I ate the whole dish BY MYSELF.  Matt was not surprised that I did not save any for him; he knows how much I love my desserts.

I would like to declare this wonderful, creamy and delicious Blueberry Bread Pudding as my best bite of the week!

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