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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Chicken Pot Pie

I love comfort food.  I also love pie.  Today was National Pi Day, and since math isn’t my favorite subject I opted to celebrate by indulging in my style of pie.  Now there are many fantastic places in Los Angeles to enjoy pie, sweet or savory.  But I was in downtown LA doing some research and I remembered hearing about a place called Wood Spoon, a rustic Brazilian kitchen known for their Chicken Pot Pie.  It’s been on my list since Mazee from John Kelly Chocolate told me she ate two pies at a time!  Being that she’s pregnant and eating for two, I understood.  Now I really know why she ate two of them!  The restaurant is on 9th Street between Broadway and Main.  It’s quite small and cozy but I counted seats for 40.  On a Saturday afternoon at 1pm I got a sweet little spot against the wall with comfy cushions and a lace doily on the table.

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The server handed me their brunch menu and I quickly confirmed that their Chicken Pot Pie was there.  I ordered a home-made lemonade to start.  I asked my server what came with the Chicken Pot Pie and I could swear he said pork rinds but what I got was a lovely green salad with something like a Green Goddess dressing.  I loved the pie’s special touch with the pastry spoon carefully baked into the golden crust.  This was a smaller pot pie than the one I had at Musso & Franks Grill but also cost less ($16 for the Wood Spoon version compared to $23 at Musso & Frank).  I savored every single bite.   The filling had lots of white meat chicken in a lovely creamy sauce, with a few bits of roasted corn, olive and hearts of palm.  The crust was light and delicious, and just the perfect shade of golden brown.  It was actually just the right size.  It filled me up without making me feel like I over-indulged.  When you find yourself in DTLA, find the Wood Spoon and you won’t be sorry.  I should have gotten an extra pie to go.  But I didn’t.  I am declaring my Chicken Pot Pie from the charming Wood Spoon in downtown Los Angeles as my best bite of the week.

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By Trish Procetto

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