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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Crispy Crepes in Thai Town

You may know that I spend a significant amount of my free time doing food-related research around Los Angeles.  As a Los Angeles based tour guide who specializes in food tasting, I find it my duty to know all the varied neighborhoods and the cuisine that can be found in them.  Luckily I have several friends who are always up for joining me in a day of foodie research.  Angela and Allen are customers who became friends.  They are world-travelers who, like me, take food tours in every city they visit.  This also includes creating our own food adventures right here in LA.  Our most recent journey took us to Thai Town where we began our feast at Ruen Pair on Hollywood Boulevard just east of Western Avenue.  We ordered way too much food for three people, and got so full we had to cancel our second restaurant visit.  The Ruen Pair dishes that we enjoyed ranged from several types of noodles to rice to Larb (a Thai-style lettuce wrap with minced pork) and soup.  The hot Jasmine tea certainly helped soothe our taste buds in between helpings.

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This big meal was followed by a wander through a local market to let our lunch settle.  We sniffed blades of lemon grass, marveled over boxed snacks (particularly Pokies), perused the fresh fish and meat counter and made a few purchases.  We wrapped up at the Bhan Kanom Thai Bakery which was a feast for the senses.  There were so many beautifully colored Thai pastries in every corner, it was hard not to purchase one of everything.  A young man behind the counter was making these little taco-shaped items and the pastry case had a lot of space devoted to these little gems, so I figured they must be a top-seller.  Turns out the American name for them is Cripsy Crepes (the official Thai name is too hard to spell and pronounce) and you can’t stop at just one!  They were cheaper by the dozen so Angela and Allen bought a box, and I indulged in two.  The crispy shell is lined with a light coconut paste and sprinkled liberally with some shredded mango.  Dee-licious.  Paired with a Thai iced coffee, this was the perfect way to end our research.  I am declaring these beautiful, light Crispy Crepes in Thai Town as my best bite of the week!

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By Trish Procetto

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