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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Garlic & Oil pizza

On our Hollywood Sites & Bites tours, we introduce our guests to some delicious bites from one end of Hollywood to the other.  We highlight restaurants that first and foremost serve unique and quality food that tells a story.  We have a few historic landmark restaurants and a few restaurants owned by celebrity chefs.  One of those happens to be Mozza2Go, the delivery and take-out arm of Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton’s popular Pizzeria Mozza.   In the past we have served our guests everything from their most traditional (Margherita) to their most unique (Bianca made with all white cheese and buttered sage leaves) to one topped with meat (Fennel sausage).

 food, tour, hollywoodRecently I noticed a new addition on the menu:  Aglio Olio made with garlic, mozzarella and fontina cheese.  In Italian, Aglio Olio means garlic and oil.  You may have heard of a popular pasta dish, Spaghetti Aglio Olio.  This is the first time I’ve seen it in pizza form.  When we finally ordered it on a recent tour, we were in for a very happy surprise.  The scent of garlic wafted out the minute we opened the box, but the flavor of garlic was not overwhelming.  The olive oil and cheese combination made for a very rich and buttery bite, but one that was well received by the guests and by ME.  I was sure to order enough so that I could have a piece but as usual my hands and mouth were full and I did not get a picture.  But I’m still thinking about the deliciousness of that Aglio Olio pizza and for that reason am declaring it my best bite of the week!

food, tour, hollywood

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