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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: il Tramezzino

Il Tramezzino is a Los Angeles area Italian restaurant known for fabulous panini sandwiches.  My former hairdresser LeDoux used to mention il Tramezzino frequently, as there is one located in Beverly Hills near his salon.  I finally got a chance to try il Tramezzino in Tarzana on Ventura Boulevard.  I was there with my friend Nancy, who was being interviewed at a nearby school about a book she wrote.  After the filming, we wanted to grab a bite to eat and debrief about her session.  And just across the street we both spotted il Tramezzino.  The menu offered a nice assortment of salads, pastas and sandwiches.  We also noticed a menu item called Tramezzini, grilled finger sandwiches, that were the  inspiration for the restaurant name.  For a mere $4 each, I figured you had to order at least two to make a full sandwich.  Nice concept, that way you get to try more than one sandwich filling.

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Nancy however opted for a full Caprese Panini and I got the Firenza Panini.  My panini consisted of turkey, avocado, roma tomato, arugula, mozzarella and a spicy mayo sauce all held together between a crusty ciabatta bread.  Not too crunchy, grilled just right.  Paired with a side of fresh pasta salad, this was delicious.  And filling.  I saved half the sandwich to take home for dinner, so we could share a cannoli.  Our server explained that their cannoli are imported out of Milan, Italy, making for a very authentic ending to our lunch.  Indeed the ricotta cheese-filled shell was perfection.  So if you are looking for a casual Italian eatery that won’t break the bank, il Tramezzino is your place.  I am declaring my panini, pasta salad and cannoli as my best bites of the week.  Mangia!

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By Trish Procetto

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