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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Larb

Sunday evening I had tickets to my first Charles Phoenix slide show, and my friends and I decided to have a bite to eat at Natalee Thai on Venice Blvd. prior to the show.   We walked into a cool building that looked like it could be the baby cousin of downtown LA’s Walt Disney Concert Hall.  A very interesting structure that I later expected to see in the evening’s LA architecture slide show.  More on that in a future blog…

 food, tour, hollywood

After dining out all weekend with out of town company, I was craving something light and refreshing.  So I chose “Larb” off the salad section of the menu.   It was a choice of minced chicken, pork, or beef, mixed with red and green onions, cilantro, and roasted rice kernels tossed in a Thai lime-garlic dressing, and served with baby romaine lettuce leaves.  It happens to be the National dish of Laos.   I ordered mine with minced chicken and enjoyed every spicy bite, that I scooped up with the lettuce leaves.   I was not expecting it to have such a kick, but it was delicious and I ate almost every bit.  So, I am declaring Larb at Natalee Thai as my best bite of the week!

food, tour, hollywood

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