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Dining in LA~My Best Bite of the Week: Banana Cream Pie


Do you like pie?  If you are looking for some of the best pie in the Los Angeles area, you may want to head to Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach.  Jongewaard’s Bake and Broil may be hard to say, but their pie is seriously good.  I set a lunch date with a fellow tour guide at the Bake & Broil in Long Beach, specifically after I heard about both their chicken pot pie and banana cream pie.

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Comfort food lovers, you will be in heaven with Jongewaard’s menu, especially their sweet and savory pies.  There was a wait, even on a late morning weekday, so get there early or else you’ll be forced to drool over their amazing dessert case in the foyer.  The chicken pot pie was filled with generous chunks of white meat, carrots and peas.  And some of the best pot pie crust ever.  But it was the dessert menu that stopped me in my tracks (pictured here are all the cakes and pies available).  Normally I would order chocolate cream, but based on the review that drew me to the Bake and Broil, I had to go with the banana cream pie.  If you are looking for the best banana cream pie in Los Angeles, look no further.  Flaky crust, beautiful banana-filled cream and a luscious topping of whipped cream so soft you want to jump in it.  I am declaring this pie my best bite of the week!

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