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Dining in LA~My Best Bite of the Week: Cophenhage​n Pastry

Almost a year ago a quaint new bakery opened on Washington Blvd in Culver City.  Not your usual bakery with cupcakes and brownies and the like.  This is Copenhagen Pastry, serving traditional Danish pastries as you would find in Denmark.   The first thing I noticed upon walking in the door were the friendly bakers, who actually smiled and waved at me.  The retail space is small, with no seating, but makes up for it in a welcoming way.  Samples are plentiful, and Karen the owner was friendly and eager to chat about my choices.  I mentioned I had attended their Open House, and she let me know they are having a one-year anniversary party on June 23.

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I only meant to buy a pastry or two, but I ended up putting together a whole box, pictured here.  Starting with the Chocolate Rum Ball and going clockwise, I got a Napoleon Hat, Cinnamon Pastry, Spandauer, Copenhagen, and Raspberry Macaroon.  While they were all amazing in their own right, it was those little Napoleon Hats that made me wish I had two.  Best described as a ball of marzipan wrapped in a flaky pastry shell and bottom-dipped in chocolate.    I have not been to Denmark, but I did develop an appreciation for marzipan on my visit to Austria 10 years ago.  So I am declaring this Danish Pastry Shop in Culver City as the place I had my best bite of the week:  marzipan and chocolate Napoleon Hats!

food, tour, hollywood

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