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Dining in LA~My Best Bite of the Week: Italian Ice in Redondo Beach

During the summer of 2000 I was working onboard the Grand Princess sailing a wonderful Mediterranean itinerary.  One of our ports of call was Naples, Italy.  There were many things I loved about Naples:   the pizza, the close proximity to Capri and the lemon ice!  The little old Italian men would sell lemon ice from carts that had plastic lemons hanging from all corners.  I have thought a lot about those sweet, tart cups of lemon ice since that time.  Recently while reading my favorite blog, The Actor’s Diet, Lynn mentioned a new place for Italian ice in Redondo Beach.

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Matt and I finally made the long trek down PCH to Rita’s, whose motto is ice-custard-happiness.  The two main frozen treats, the Italian ice and a creamy old-fashioned custard, could be ordered a variety of ways from cups and cones to milkshakes and sundaes.  For my first visit, I wanted a pure ice experience.  While there was a lemonade flavor, I was so excited by all the other flavors in the case that I completely forgot to try it.   We were happy to hear we could order as many flavors as we wanted in a cup, regardless of the size.   We each got a cup layered with 4 different flavors.  While we enjoyed them all, standout flavors were green apple, root beer, peach and marshmallow peanut butter.  It seems crazy, but that marshmallow peanut butter was the most perfect blending of those two flavors.  I could have eaten a whole cup of it.  For that reason, I am declaring Rita’s Italian Ice as my best bite of the week.  I’m pretty sure I’ll make my way down to Redondo a lot more during the summer months for this sweet and icy treat.  Next time I’m trying the custard too!

food, tour, hollywood

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