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Dining in LA~My Best Bite of the Week: Pasta Pizza

food, tour, hollywood
Pasta Pizza?  Yes, pasta on pizza.  Rigatoni Bolognese and smoked mozzarella on pizza, to be exact.  Where did I find this unusual but not so surprising combination?  At my favorite neighborhood pizza parlor in Playa del Rey, the Good Pizza.  Nando, the charming owner, explained to me that in Italy, the locals eat basically two things, pizza and pasta.  He gestured to make his point:  with a piece of bread in one hand and a pasta fork in the other, he got the idea to combine the two.  Brilliant!  I’m not sure that you can see the rigatoni and Bolognese meat sauce in this picture, but it was there.  And it was good.  One slice was plenty since I got two fabulous Italian entrees in every bite.  My best bite of the week:  Pasta Pizza at The Good Pizza!
food, tour, Hollywood
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