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Dining in Los Angeles-My Best Bite of the Week: Ice Cream Lab


This week I had many delicious bites.   Thanks to friends Krissy and Terry visiting from out of town, I got to dine out a little more than usual which is always fun!   You may know that July is National Ice Cream Month and I plan to celebrate all month long.  I have been enjoying everything from inexpensive, yummy soft-serve to custard and gelato and a little pricier ice cream made-to-order!  When Krissy and I found ourselves in Beverly Hills I just knew we had to visit the new Ice Cream Lab on Santa Monica Boulevard.

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There were six flavor combinations on the menu, and we could have had ice cream cups or milkshakes.  We decided on two different flavors, Salt Lick Crunch and Blue Velvet.   We then watched in awe as the staff made our frozen dessert right before our eyes in what looked like industrial size Kitchen Aid mixers.  I can best describe the process as a liquid vanilla base mixed with the chosen ingredients, then blasted with cold liquid nitrogen!    When all the vapor clears, the end result  is a cup of delicious, smooth and creamy ice cream.  We ate EVERY bite!  For these reasons, I am declaring both flavors of ice cream at Ice Cream Lab as My Best Bite of the Week.  Can’t wait to go back for more!

food, tour, hollywood

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