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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Border Grill Truck

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One of the most popular food trucks in Los Angeles is the Border Grill Truck, and until recently I had never dined from it.  I have been to the Border Grill restaurant on Santa Monica’s 4th Street on many occasions, and even the Downtown Los Angeles and Las Vegas Border Grill locations.  But for some reason I just have never taken the time to find the Border Grill truck, with its Tex-Mex menu roaming the streets of LA.  Border Grill, founded by two Top Chef Masters and Too Hot Tamales Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Millikan in the 80’s, has so many fun attractions.  From happy hour to cooking classes to special brunches and tequila tastings, Border Grill is a festive and delicious place to enjoy good Tex-Mex cuisine.  I don’t know exactly when the Border Grill Truck hit the streets but I do know this…the food from the truck is just as good as you’ll find in their restaurants.

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When I had a visiting friend in town last week, I took her to one of LA’s best summer events, The Yamashiro Farmer’s Market sponsored by LA City Farm every Thursday night from May to September.  We did a little sampling of cheese and hummus along the way, but when we spotted the Border Grill Truck I knew we were having dinner there.  We ordered several items to share including a Cubano Chicken Quesadilla and several tacos (carnitas and sweet potato & black bean).  Then we saw Green Corn Tamal listed under a heading called CONES and decided to try one even though we weren’t quite sure what we would get.  Well, I’ll tell you what we got…my best bite of the week!  I think I can best describe it as a deconstructed green corn tamale with salsa fresca and crema, all placed in a white paper cone, like they use for snow cones.  This picture gives a good idea of what it looked like.  I wish you could taste it.  The flavors were so fresh, with the tomatoes being a nice flavor contrast to the mild green corn filling.  In the background you can see a refreshing strawberry lemonade.  We enjoyed every bite and sip of our Tex-Mex dinner, but I am declaring the Green Corn Tamal in a Cone from the Border Grill Truck as my best bite of the week.

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By Trish Procetto


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