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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: ChocoChick​en

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The minute I read that a restaurant called ChocoChicken was going to open in downtown Los Angeles, I knew I had to try it.  Adam Fleischman, who brought us Umami Burger, is one of the co-founders of this unique concept.  When I found myself making a last-minute trip to DTLA last week, I couldn’t believe my good fortune when my friend enthusiastically agreed on my suggestion of ChocoChicken for dinner.  Later she told me she didn’t expect it to be as good as it was, but trusted me to show her a fun culinary adventure!

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We decided to take seats at the bar and sat next to a guy from Portland who had read about the restaurant’s debut online as well.  His food came out first and so we were able to ask him all kinds of questions, which he patiently answered in between bites.  My friend and I both ordered a chicken breast with two sides, so we got four different sides to share between us.  We got the white chocolate mashed potatoes, the duck-fat French fries with chocolate shavings, a bacon biscuit and (to make ourselves feel better) the crudité cup which had carrots, jicama, radish, bean sprouts and celery.   And I might add, it was a very nice and perfect little contrast to our dinner.

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The Jidori chicken is fried, and while the ingredients are a secret, the marinating, coating, seasoning and frying process all contain some form of chocolate.  This process not only gives the chicken its beautiful color but also a most delicious flavor.  And we both agreed the chicken was MOIST all the way through.  And if dipping sauces are your thing, you will find plenty at ChocoChicken, including a chocolate ketchup, a miso ranch and something called The Bee Sting that you definitely want to try if you like a little spice.  We left there very happy but wishing we had room for dessert, which is an Electric Chocolate S’more.  A return visit is definitely in order.  My dinner at ChocoChicken is definitely worthy of being called My Best Bite of the Week!

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By Trish Procetto

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