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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Dim Sum at Pingtung


While we serve six different, generous food samples on our Hollywood Sites & Bites Tour, I rarely eat anything except for a few small samples of John Kelly Chocolate.  I concentrate on being the hostess for my guests, making sure everyone is enjoying their food and drink.  So at the end of the 4-hour tour I am usually very hungry.   I have been wanting to try a new-ish eatery on Melrose called PINGTUNG Eat-In Market.  After reading about this place from my favorite blogger The Actor’s Diet I just knew Matt would want to try it too.  I had this picture stuck in my head from Lynn’s blog.

food, tour, hollywood

There was a super cute back patio area but it was a little chilly so we opted for the simple and open front dining area which was surrounded by packaged Japanese products on shelves.   I described this picture to our server and he knew exactly what I was referring to, and recommended a few other things including a spicy ramen.  Well, this unique looking food holds together five delicious gyoza, which are basically pork dumplings.  Matt had 3 and I had 2 gyoza and we fought over the crispy, crunchy pieces until the plate was clean.  Clever presentation, nice price and tasty gyoza with both soft and crunchy textures add up to make this my best bite of the week.

food, tour, hollywood

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