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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Dinah’s Famous Fried Chicken

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As somebody who enjoys a good piece of fried chicken now and again, I am very fortunate to live close to a Los Angeles landmark, Dinah’s Family Restaurant.  Open since 1959-six years before I was born-this family-owned restaurant is well known for their oven-baked pancakes and their fried chicken.  Located in charming Westchester on Sepulveda Boulevard near the Howard Hughes Center, and just a few miles north of LAX, you may have recognized the giant chicken tub in the sky, pictured here.  Dinah’s was the first restaurant to display a tub sign such as this one, and now it’s become somewhat of a symbol for both Dinah’s Family Restaurant and Dinah’s Famous Fried Chicken!

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Since breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I’ve dined at Dinah’s often for their early morning breakfast deal.   But it has been years, possibly more than ten, since I’ve ordered their fried chicken.  So I decided to change that when a visiting friend asked me to pick a good breakfast spot near LAX.  According to Dinah’s website, the chicken they serve is fresh, never frozen, and while deep fried, it’s free from cooking oils.  Not sure exactly what that means, but the chicken served is a beautiful golden brown color.  I ordered their Chicken & Waffle off the Breakfast Menu, and paid a little extra for breast meat, which was moist and juicy.  I have to say, I’ve researched Chicken & Waffles at many restaurants around Los Angeles, and this was among the very best!   At Dinah’s breakfast is served all day, but if you want to branch out and enjoy Dinah’s Famous Fried Chicken from the dinner menu, you may consider the Complete Chicken Dinner or Chicken in the Wicket, which also includes banana bread!  I’m still thinking about this breakfast, and for that reason I’m declaring Dinah’s Famous Fried Chicken & Waffle as my best bite of the week!

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By Trish Procetto