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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Grand Central Market

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I don’t remember the first meal I had at Grand Central Market, but I do remember the sawdust on the floor, the big barrels of brightly colored aguas frescas, and the inexpensive, but not necessarily fresh, fruit for sale.  It made me feel like I was visiting another country far from Los Angeles.  I have always enjoyed dining around LA’s oldest and largest public market, which has been in business since 1917.  Lately though I’ve been reading about all kinds of changes taking place at Grand Central Market.  In fact, recently Bon Appetit Magazine listed the Grand Central Market as one of its Hot 10 — the best new restaurants of 2014 in the USA.  Wow!   In 2013, Valerie Confections moved in with both sweet and savory offerings, and since then a steady parade of the latest and greatest names in the LA foodie scene have followed.  I keep reading about the ridiculously long lines at Eggslut, and also the designer coffee from G&B.  It’s also been announced that Grand Central Market is staying open later on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

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After finishing up a walking tour with the LA Conservancy on Saturday, my friend MEM and I decided to check out the all the changes at Grand Central Market.  The very first thing we noticed?   The ridiculously long lines at Eggslut.  The menu looked tempting if you like eggs, which I do, but I just couldn’t justify waiting in such a long line, especially when very hungry.  Wexler’s Deli, whose pastrami sandwich is drawing rave reviews, also had a longish line, so we kept looking.  Olio Pizza, McConnell’s Ice Cream, Sarita’s Pupuseria, Sticky Rice…everywhere we turned the lines were fierce.  Even the old red counter at China Café was packed.  And then we found our treasure…DTLA Cheese, an off-shoot of the wonderful Cheese Cave in Claremont.  The Cheese Counter looked so inviting and we walked right up to place our order with the friendly girls.  MEM and I shared an order of Burrata Toast and an order of Farro Salad with asparagus, corn, cherry tomatoes and more.  Our order was ready quickly and we were scarfing down lunch within minutes.  We found a shady spot outside at the communal tables near Horse Thief BBQ.   And I proceeded to enjoy what I’m declaring my best bite of the week.  A beautiful round of white burrata cheese on a thick slice of yellow tomato, drizzled with a pretty green pesto sauce and served with yummy olive-oiled toast.  After giving my friend her share, I made an open-faced sandwich and enjoyed every single delicious bite.  Thanks DTLA Cheese for making a hungry girl very happy!

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By Trish Procetto

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