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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Italian Breakfast

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Have you ever gone in search of the best Italian breakfast in Los Angeles?  This past Sunday, Matt and I found ourselves with the entire day to ourselves and I decided I wanted to have breakfast out…at a new (to me) restaurant.  I considered having breakfast in the sand up in Malibu and also thought about a fancy Hollywood brunch.  Realized I didn’t want to drive that far or spend a fortune.  Then I came across a list of the best places to have an International Breakfast in Los Angeles.  And there it was, Café Verona, listed as the place to enjoy an Italian breakfast.  I have driven by this little corner spot on a busy La Brea corner for years and never taken the time to dine there.  It basically shares a parking lot with an Easy Lube but when you walk into this little hideaway, you are greeted with trickling water fountains, two outdoor patios and lots of flowers and trees.  Ah, Italia in mid-city Los Angeles.  I was completely taken with this beautiful, colorful display of tomatoes, avocados, melons, lemons and squash.  The host explained to me that the cooks could just come to the table and help themselves to the fresh ingredients as needed.

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We started out with cappuccino and coffee.  Perusing the menu, Matt decided on a frittata, the Italian version of an omelette or crust-less quiche, whichever you prefer.  It came with a sweet-potato mash (a little too sweet for both of us) and a nice slice of melon.  I however had become fixated on ordering polenta since I saw it on Café Verona’s online menu during my search.   To borrow their Italian words, I ordered polenta con uove, two eggs over-medium placed atop a scoop of oven-roasted tomatoes on a bed of creamy yellow polenta.   There were just enough slices of toasted Italian ciabatta bread to round out the dish.  I relished every bite of this Italian breakfast, while I sat across from my sweet husband.  Though we’ve never been to Italy together, we both have fond memories of our travels (and meals) there.  It was a perfect start to our Sunday morning, enjoying a delicious Italian breakfast in such a lovely, relaxed setting.  I’m declaring my Italian breakfast at Café Verona as my best bite of the week!

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By Trish Procetto


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