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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: MangoSix


This week my best bite was actually a sip.  A very delicious, healthy, welcome sip on a very hot September day.  I recently read about Café MangoSix, which is a Korean-based chain offering a variety of drinks, desserts, salads and sandwiches.  Their first US location is in Los Angeles on West 3rd Street near the Beverly Center.  Since they specialize in fresh mango juice I decided to give it a try after a morning of hiking in Griffith Park.  They list 6 health benefits of mango juice:  protects against cancer, lowers cholesterol, clears the skin, eye health, alkalizes the body and boosts immune system.  Yes please!

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The menu took a bit of navigating but the helpful staff suggested I try the Mango & Fruit Juice.  One size only.  You can see here how pretty it is, mango topped off with strawberry juice.  Do you see the clear squishy things at the bottom?  At first I thought they were boba, then I thought maybe pieces of mango or pear, but the staff told me they were bits of aloe.  Hmmm.  I was too hot and tired to ask for an explanation, but they tasted good and the texture was kind of fun.  That $4.95 juice was gone in less than 10 minutes but worth every penny.  Delish, healthy and pretty!  Many thanks to Cafe MangoSix for my best bite (sip) of the week!

food, tour, hollywood

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