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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Mashed Potato Pizza

food, tour, hollywood

The Culver Hotel is located right in the heart of Culver City, and may best be known as the hotel that the many Munchkins called home during the filming of The Wizard of Oz at MGM Studios in 1938.  Munchkins aside, the hotel is a fun place to meet friends for Happy Hour or a casual dinner.  We recently were invited to a birthday celebration at The Culver Hotel on a Friday evening, and I saw a dish on the dinner menu that I’d not seen before:  Mashed Potato Pizza.

food, tour, hollywood

Just as it sounds, the pizza dough was topped with a nice layer of creamy mashed potatoes. Mozzarella cheese, bits of pancetta bacon, green scallions and small dollops of sour cream were sprinkled generously on the mashed potatoes.   This was one of the most unique dishes I’ve had in a long time.  I did offer pieces to the other guests, but honestly I could have eaten the whole pizza on my own.  For these reasons I’m declaring the Mashed Potato Pizza at The Culver Hotel as my best bite of the week!

food, tour, holywood

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