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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Michael’s Pizza

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Where do you go for the best pizza in Los Angeles?   Everyone seems to have a favorite local pizzeria, or maybe a place across town that you reserve only for special occasions (because here in LA the traffic usually keeps you in your own neighborhood).  We recently spent a Friday evening in Long Beach and our friends Mike and Mike who live right on Ocean Avenue mentioned a nearby pizzeria that had just been named #1 Pizza in Los Angeles by the Zagat Guide.  That statement was all the inspiration we needed to head to Michael’s Pizzeria for dinner.

food, tour, hollywood

Michael’s Pizzeria opened in 2007 in the Naples neighborhood of Long Beach and now has three locations, dedicated to serving Napoli-style pizza.  The menu was diverse and tempting, but with a hefty title to live up to, we chose pizza.  We ordered the “Capricciosa” with a traditional red sauce, and also a nontraditional pie that was listed under Bianca (Italian for white).  This was the “Pistacchio e Stracciatella” with mortadella and stracciatella, pistachio, and olive oil.  I’ve never had pistachios on my pizza AND when I order stracciatella I’m usually ordering gelato.  But I discovered this is a term used to describe several types of Italian food, in this case a creamy cheese.  You can see just how rich this pizza was from the photo, which is why I had just a small slice.  But the cool white cheese added to the hot pizza, sprinkled generously with pistachios totally worked!  The crust was pretty amazing too.  Thin, but not paper thin, and crispy edges with bubbly pockets.   Delicioso!  And, my best bite of the week!

food, tour, hollywood