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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Moishe’s Lula Kebob

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Dining at The Farmer’s Market at Third & Fairfax is always a treat, especially when shared with a friend who is looking at it through new eyes.  My weekend company hadn’t visited the world-famous market since the 80’s and requested we have lunch there.  As we walked around the various stalls, I shared vendor stories and market history and did a mental count of how many of the different restaurants I’ve actually tried, which is most of them.  When we got to Moishe’s, which serves Middle Eastern foods, we decided to share a plate.  Moishe’s is cash only, so be prepared.

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Our plate came with choice of meat, two sides and a warm pita.  We decided on the Lula Kebob, specially-seasoned ground beef shaped into little sausages.  Our sides were a scoop of hamous (garbanzo bean dip usually spelled hummus) and a taboule salad of parsley, tomato and lemon.  Also on the plate were a baked tomato and green pepper, both cooked just right.  My friend and I wiped that plate clean!  The Lula Kebob was so tasty and a perfect pairing with the hamous and the tabouleh.  An enjoyable meal shared with a dear friend…making my Lula Kebob Plate at Moishe’s Restaurant my best bite of the week.  As a side note, the Farmer’s Market is celebrating 80 years in July (1934-2014) so you can expect a few more blogs from me on this fabulous Los Angeles landmark!

food, tour, hollywood

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