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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the week: Paciugo Gelato

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It is no secret that I like sweets.  Of all kinds.  I also love all things Italian.  Especially gelato.  The summer I spent cruising the Mediterranean, I gained 8 lbs. from all the amazing foods I was eating, including gelato!  I could not pass up a single gelato shop without getting a scoop.  Moving to Los Angeles soon after that put me on the search for gelato across this city.  I have certainly enjoyed some wonderful ice cream and gelato, but the place I return most often is Paciugo Gelato & Caffe in Hermosa Beach.  How can you not love a shop whose name means “messy concoction”?
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Matt and I took our friend Thom who was visiting from the Bay Area last week and he was like a kid in a candy store.  The line can get pretty long at Paciugo and they pretty much offer you as many samples as you like/need to make your decision.  We walked in and straight to the counter.  We all sampled plenty.  I was a little sad that they were out of Sea Salt Caramel, but that encouraged me to try a few new flavors.  And I have a new favorite: Rose Chocolate Chip.  It’s pretty to look at and even better to eat.  It was fabulous!  The subtle taste of rose with nice chunks of chocolate worked very well together.  I am declaring my scoop of Rose Chocolate Chip Gelato from Paciugo as my best bite of the week!
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By Trish Procetto

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