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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Pastry and Coffee from 85C Bakery Cafe

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Since our trip to Japan in February, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with finding the best Asian pastries in Los Angeles. I am now turning down pastries that I see every day in an effort to save my calories for something very special. I recently saw my friend Michelle post on Facebook about her visit to 85C Bakery Cafe in Gardena. This was right after I had driven by a still under-construction bakery of the same name in Torrance. So I went online to do some research and discovered that 85C was founded in Taiwan in 2004, and there are now nine locations around So Cal with one being in Chino Hills. So I planned to stop at this popular Taiwanese bakery on my way home from Palm Springs, continuing my weekend of “sites and bites” research.
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85C Bakery Café specializes in espresso coffee, flavored beverages, decorative cakes, and freshly baked breads. The servers call out “fresh bread” when a new guest walks in the door. Half the space is a help-yourself bakery, with trays and tongs provided so you can choose from among 60 pastries and breads made fresh every hour! I must have perused the cases for a good 15 minutes, finally deciding on four different pastries, one savory and three sweet, to share with Matt at home. The pastries were soft, fresh and delicious. But I must say the real highlight of the visit was my Iced Sea Salt Coffee. The sea salt is whipped into the foam at the top of the coffee and is AMAZING. At 85C they individually brew each cup of coffee, and believe that coffee holds its flavor best at a steady temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. Put that coffee on ice and you’ve got perfection. I am happily declaring my pastries and Iced Sea Salt Coffee my best bites of the week!
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