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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Pumpkin Ravioli

You may notice a pumpkin theme in my most recent best bite blogs…and you would be correct!  When this time of year rolls around, with the plethora of pumpkin products available both in stores and in our favorite restaurants, it’s hard not to indulge.  When I saw on a Facebook post that our neighborhood pizza place The Good Pizza was offering pumpkin ravioli, I made a mental note to get in and order it.  The Good Pizza is owned and operated by a very charming Italian chef named Nando, who hails from Naples, Italy.  I first met Nando at his first, tiny pizzeria tucked into a Westchester neighborhood across from the Vons grocery store.  My friend Wendy took me there for lunch, and I discovered that they made a chocolate dessert pizza so we were instant friends!  Then Nando announced he was opening a second location in Playa del Rel, within walking distance of us!

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Matt and I go to The Good Pizza for the good Italian food, but also for Nando.  He makes everyone who walks through the door feel welcome, sometimes sitting down for a brief chat and sometimes sending out a little plate of cannoli on the house.  He has shown us what it’s like to be a hands-on owner and also a fantastic customer service model.  Over the many visits to The Good Pizza we’ve had lots of pizza (which they sell by the slice and also in one big 18 inch pie), his specialty potato croquette appetizers known as Panzarotto, Panini sandwiches and fresh, hot French fries, and Chopped Salads.  But never have I tried Nando’s pasta, until this pumpkin ravioli caught my eye.  On a particularly busy lunch hour, I got a taste of this wonderful seasonal specialty.  The portion size was just right, and the brightly colored pumpkin filling was plentiful and delicious.  Not too sweet either, which I liked.  The brown butter and sage sauce was just right, topped with a little fresh parmesan and sage leaves.  So you just know I’m going to declare my Pumpkin Ravioli from the Good Pizza in Playa del Rey as my best bite of the week!

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By Trish Procetto

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